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Welcome to Deal Batteries Houston

Deal Batteries is a one-stop-shop for a complete range of batteries that provide high performance and long battery life. We deal in hearing aid battery Houston, Lithium coin battery Houston, and watch battery Houston. We are one of the leading merchants of batteries on the internet.

Deal batteries is a leading and reliable distributor that offers a wide variety of batteries especially button cells. We deal in a vast variety of battery products at a reasonable and competitive price In Houston, USA. Because of our highly valued relationships with the battery manufacturers, we provide the most efficient and effective battery to our customers. Our products come with manufacturer warranty, which avoids troubles for our client and it gives us an upper hand in after-sales service. We always try to fulfil the expectations of our customers by delivering the best products as per their requirements.

Deal batteries is trusted by many because we deal in 100% original batteries along with a warranty. Our wider range of products ensures high convenience and hassle-free shopping for our customers.

A battery is further divided into two categories.

  1. Primary cell or Non-rechargeable battery

The primary cell also known as the galvanic cell is only used for a single time. This is a disposable cell that is discarded once it stops producing electricity. It is mainly used in devices that required low current to operate. The moment when the chemical in the primary battery exhausts, this cell becomes useless. Primary batteries are the most used form of a cell which makes up about 90% of the battery market all over the world.  

  1. Secondary cell or rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is also known as a storage cell. This battery is designed as an electric cell that can be charged whenever it starts producing current. These batteries come up with different shapes and sizes with several combinations of electrolytes and electrode materials. These combinations include lead-acid, zinc-air, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium-ion polymer. Rechargeable batteries are considered very economical and convenient because of their long life. Initially, the cost of such batteries is higher as compared to other batteries. The main characteristics of recharge make it a money-saving option among users. 

Generally, batteries are used in many applications. A few of them are listed below:

Backup battery

A backup battery provides electricity to the system in a case when the main source of the power supply becomes unavailable. These batteries come up with a range from single cells to big generators. The backup battery has a vast usage which provides continuous power. The major purpose of using backup batteries Is to keep essential instruments running in the event of any power failure. The size of such batteries varies as per the requirement of users. This battery is mostly used as Aircraft emergency batteries, computers, burglar alarms, telephone, telecommunications, data centers, hospitals, and power stations. 

Automotive battery 

Automotive batteries are rechargeable batteries that are mainly used in automobiles. The major use of an automotive battery is to provide electricity to an electric power motor. This power motor further starts the chemically powered combustion engine. After starting the engine, this battery also supplies power to the car for further demand.

Automotive batteries are generally designed to provide maximum output with a short period. These batteries are also known as SLI batteries which explain “starting” “lighting” and “ignition” as their core features. We provide a variety of ranges for automotive batteries.

Button Cell

A button cell or coin battery is a single cell that comes up in a small size. The shape of a button cell is of a squat cylinder cell with the diameter range varies from 5 to 25mm and height varies from 1 to 6mm. The body of a button cell is manufactured from stainless steeḷ. The button cell is used to supply current to portable electronic devices such as pocket calculators and wristwatches.

We offer various types of button cells which are used for general purposes among the consumers. Our list of button cells includes :

Lithium-ion battery

A lithium-ion battery(Li-ion battery) is a rechargeable battery used in portable devices, automotive. Military and aerospace applications are also running Li-ion batteries. First developed by Akira Yoshino in 1985, these batteries are becoming a major success in the industry.

Li-ion battery contains lithium ions that move from the negative electrode to the positive ones through the medium electrolyte. This battery uses intercalated lithium compound and graphite as the material for positive and negative electrodes simultaneously.

The main advantages of such batteries are high energy density, low self-discharge and no memory effect. Although these batteries can lead to damage or explosion if not treated properly.

Hearing AID Batteries

An original hearing aid battery last from 3 to 20 days, depends on the type of hearing aid and duration of hours the device is used. People who require hearing aid opt to change the batteries for the following reasons :

  1. Sound becomes intermitted and/or an individual has to raise the volume more than usual.
  2. When the low battery sound starts beeping which states that the battery is low and needs to be replaced.

The moment you remove the seal from the cell. It begins to discharge power. Following measures can be taken for optimum utilization of power.

A )  Turn off the battery door in case you are not using it.

B ) Avoid using a hearing aid in extreme temperatures which might quickly drain the battery.

Alkaline batteries

An alkaline battery Houston is a type of primary battery which receives power from the reaction of zinc metal and magnesium oxide. These batteries contain more than 80% of manufactured batteries in the USA while 46 % in Japan and around 60% in UK and Switzerland.

First developed by Waldemar Jungnur in 1899, these batteries are used in many household applications such as flashlights, CD players, MP3 players and radios. The negative electrode is Zinc while the positive ones is magnesium used by alkaline batteries. The capacity of an alkaline battery is 3000MAh and varies on the load. Just like other batteries the voltage constantly declines in case of use.

Military batteries

Military Battery Houston are being widely used in military gadgets and applications for many years. These applications include radios, thermal imagers, ESM and portable computing. In the last few years, the usage of batteries has vastly expanded into heavy weighed military vehicles such as aircraft, missiles, boats and artilleries.

Battery Brands

We at Deal batteries ensure convenient products and hassle-free services to our customers. We are associated with many reputed battery brands. A few of them are mentioned below:


Duracell is one of the leading battery manufacturers of alkaline batteries, specialty cells, rechargeable, and smart power systems. A part of Berkshire Hathaway, the company's history can be traced back to the 1920s, through the work of Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory and the establishment of P. R. Mallory.

The alkaline batteries manufactured from Duracell come up in many sizes such as AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. This brand also includes specialty batteries and NiMH batteries mainly used for small portable devices such as cameras, watches and hearing aid etc.


Energizer Holdings, Inc. is an American manufacturer and one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, based in St. Louis, Missouri. It owns various brands such as Energizer, RayOVac, Varta and Eveready. EcoAdvanced™; Energizer MAX®; Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™; Energizer Recharge® batteries and charging systems

The alkaline product range of this company includes a wide range of 9V Energizer Alkaline Battery, AAA Energizer Alkaline Battery, E96 AAAA Energizer Battery and AA Energizer Battery Houston.


Maxell is a popular brand for OEM, consumer batteries, lenses, and digital media products for buyers. The brand is known for the

Maxell is known for its technology in the industry.

GP Batteries

GP batteries is ruling the ecosystem of rechargeable batteries. GP batteries are one of the world’s leading suppliers of primary and rechargeable batteries. This brand is known for technological enhancement like smart features and attractive design etc.

Why Choose Deal Batteries? 

There are several reasons to select Deal batteries as a delivery partner. A few of them are listed below : 

  • Wide range of batteries
  • High-quality batteries from leading manufacturers
  • Competitive prices
  • A convenient platform to shop with us.
  • Unmatchable customer service
  • High expertise and product knowledge
  • 100 % warranty by manufacturers

The new generation of batteries with constant improvement in technology and development are becoming much more powerful than the traditional form of batteries. These factors offer unmatchable convenience to the consumers.

Our goal is to provide wider access to our collection of batteries to our customers at very competitive prices. Our user-friendly platform enables the customers to browse and shop from sitting at home. All our products come with a warranty card directly from the manufacturers.

Our expertise in batteries product enables our customers to find the best solution as per their requirements. We have an unparalleled and unbeatable platform which helps to clear every confusion of our customers and to provide the best deal. Our products and customer-oriented approach are serving our purpose to increase our clients across the country.  

Please feel free to contact us if in case you are looking for a wide range of battery products.